Loans with Financial Credit Instituions: everything you need to know

A quick loan with Financial Credit Institutions, is that financial operation granted by an off-line entity, which despite having the beneficiary with previous debts from other operations, is granted.

Many will ask, how can this be possible. In general, if we go to the classic financial / banking entities, surely the answer to the granting of the credit or loan will be negative, and if we have a past in Financial Credit Institutions even worse.

However, in times of crisis and due precisely to the refusal of banks, other alternative sources of financing have emerged on the Internet, which manage operations almost in real-time, obviating the traditional and bureaucratic barriers, typical of banks. This is the case of online loans.

How do you get a quick loan with Financial Credit Institutions?

How do you get a quick loan with ASNEF?

Through the various online platforms listed on the Internet, thanks to which and through a simple operation, everything is managed in real-time.

Financial Credit Institutions, stands for National Association of Financial Credit Institutions, born in 1957. It is the largest record of defaulters in Spain, including information on all those people who have an unpaid debt, towards one of the companies belonging to the Association (financial institutions, telephone companies, supply companies, insurers, publishers, public administrations … etc).

It should be borne in mind that it is not the same to appear in the Financial Credit Institutions list for a non-payment in a relevant mortgage or credit debt, then for the non-payment of a mobile telephone bill. In the latter case, the concessionary credit institutions do not usually take into account delinquency when making the decision of approval or rejection.

Let’s see then the steps to follow for the granting of a fast loan with Financial Credit Institutions:

Sign up on several online platforms

Sign up on several online platforms

The first step is to create a user account on all those web platforms of interest, whose objective is the granting of credit. To do this, you have to have a certain technological profile at the user level that allows you to perform all the management from start to finish.

Set the amount to a request

It must be taken into account that this type of financial company online, usually grant operations, for amounts not exceeding 30 thousand euros, so everything that is within these limits may be requested. Many of them do not even ask the reason or the end of the loan request.

Do not hide Financial Credit Institutions information


Although it is true that in some cases, there are people who appear in the list of delinquencies of the Financial Credit Institutions without knowledge (for example in the case of default of an invoice), in most situations, individuals are aware of their presence, so hiding this information from the company to which we want to request a loan is a bad idea since the only thing that will be achieved is to generate distrust towards the good faith and repayment capacity of the borrower.

On the contrary, it will be a good option to explain in advance to the credit concessionaire, the reason for our appearance in the Financial Credit Institutions list and its possible resolution.

Use online comparators

Today, there is a wide variety of fast loan comparators on the Internet, which help and guide the user a lot when deciding on the optimal platform for the application. Depending on the characteristics and personal preferences as well as the conditions and requirements of the companies, one will choose to address one or the other.

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